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Taking bird control and management measures at the early stages will help you prevent any damage associated with birds. Here at Masters Pest Control Sydney, we are experts in the field of bird control and have a various range of cost-effective control measures that will take care of the problem without disrupting your everyday business.

Although birds can be fun to watch and observe, and many bird species eat other pests, certain birds can wreak havoc and spread diseases if their population gets out of control. Many bird species can be lovely to watch, and many can even be beneficial as they eat other pests and pollinate plants. Certain species can also cause damage and spread disease if the population gets out of control – so it’s essential to put effective bird control into place.

Additionally, if a bird dies while being in your walls, your whole property might be filled with an unpleasant smell. Some kinds of birds can be bacteria and parasite carriers which can cause diseases such as encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis and toxoplasmosis.

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    Depending on the bird species that we are speaking about, birds can be responsible for several issues. Some of these animals might eat the crops in your garden, and others can cause damage to your property. Whatever a situation might be, your response should be quick and using the right product for bird control is of the utmost importance.

    For instance, many bird species, especially pigeons, have very acidic urine, and their droppings can cause corrosion. Their debris, such as feathers and nesting material, can cause blockages in your gutters and ventilation systems. Some bird species can even get inside your walls and do an extensive amount of damage or make a terrible mess.

    Bird control

    Bird Pest

    Why are birds considered pests?

    1. Birds cause damage to your property by removing roof tiles. They can block your gutters and build nests in your walls where they will leave their droppings which will cause corrosion to surround materials.
    2. Some birds have aggressive behaviour and attack you or your guests. The aggression usually occurs during their breeding season or when they have their young.
    3. Birds may carry various fleas, ticks, lice, and mites, spreading various diseases and being a serious health hazard.

    Why can birds be considered dangerous?

    Problems caused by birds can have their toll on your business, loss of products due to contamination and costly damage to your building and their exterior. Some birds carry diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans. These birds are classified as a public health hazard. Some diseases that birds can carry are SARS and Salmonella, a type of severe food poisoning. Droppings left behind by birds can also cause issues. Their droppings are acidic and can ruin finishes on buildings and create problems with sanitary compliance. If you have issues with birds, call Masters Pest Control Sydney and ask us to help you by tailoring a bird control program specifically for your needs.

    Birds are a safe place for various types of fleas and bird mites feeding in their nest, and when the birds leave, they switch their focus on us. The bites caused by bird mites are quite painful, and they are known to breed quickly, which means that the infestation can happen in a matter of days. Birds are known to spread their droppings on buildings and footpaths, and when wet, their droppings are a safety and health hazard to people. When they find their entrance to factories and other commercial premises, especially those that produce food, they can do serious damage to owners as they contaminate the area.

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    Bird Pest Treatment

    Controlling the bird population can be difficult if it is not treated at the early beginning. Therefore, you should act immediately and not wait when it comes to birds as pests. Here is why:

    1. Bird droppings and the leftovers of nest materials can cause many diseases and the spreading of bed bugs, mealworms and various types of mites.
    2. Bird droppings on sidewalks can be dangerous to people due to being slippery.
    3. Bird nests and nesting material can be a fire hazard when located near lights, electricity and other electrical devices.
    4. Bird droppings can cause stains, corrosion and other types of damage to buildings.
    5. Birds that make their nests inside food production facilities can cause serious damage by contaminating food and equipment.
    6. Birds can cause noise pollution, especially when their population grows out of proportions.

    Bird-proof your home

    Our buildings can give birds everything they need to live and multiply: food, water, warmth and shelter. However, they give us a series of problems when they find shelter in our homes. Masters Pest Control Sydney offers guaranteed solutions to all of them. Whatever your bird problem might be, call Masters Pest Control Sydney on 02 8007 4666, and we will take care of it today.

    Once you call us, we will conduct a thorough site survey and advise on the best and most cost-effective way to manage your bird problem. There are multiple ways to solve most occurrences: from proofing the buildings and surrounding areas to physical measures such as spikes and electric shock systems. These electrical systems will not harm or kill the birds, but they will make them leave because of discomfort. Other systems such as high-frequency audio systems can be rather successful as well. While people and pets cannot hear these sounds, birds will hate them for sure.

    You can also try to reduce the available food and water sources, so birds will need to look elsewhere. All bird droppings need to be removed, and while doing so, you need to make sure that you do not come in direct contact with them.

    Ensure that you always wear protective equipment and wash immediately after you finish with the job. Habitat modification is often the best way to deal with birds. Reducing available food and access to areas that birds often use to build nests are the best approach for every bird management job. Every bird management and control job must start with a detailed inspection by our professional pest managers.

    Bird management

    Bird Management

    Based on our findings, we will identify the bird species and, based on them, choose the best effective management approach. Some of these methods include the installation of exclusion devices on surfaces on which birds roost and loaf. Others include bird screening that prevents birds from accessing the sites on your premises. Our pest managers will use techniques and products that are humane, efficient and cost-effective.