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We are a licensed pest control service provider. We get rid of termites, cockroaches, rats, ants, spiders, and other common household pests in Australia. Why use us?

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    Integrated Pest Management - Process

    We follow a special pest control program proven to stop pests without using dangerous pesticides in your home.


    Our experts will strategically remove entry points. Our exclusion comes at a fair price and provides long-lasting protection from common house pests in Australia such as termites, cockroaches, and mice.


    This step allows us to stop pests from breeding and nesting in your house. This involves covers sealing gaps between tiles and replacing broken ones, removing food and water sources, thorough cleaning and sanitation.


    This step involves exterminating pests in your home once and for all. We use chemical and non-chemical methods to exterminate pests that have infested your home.

    Residential Pest Guide

    Follow these tips from professional pest controllers to keep your house pest-free. If you still suffer from a stubborn pest problem, consult our professional pest controllers.

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    Residential Tips

    To ease your worries, we've created this guide to help you control home pest problems. Remember that it's still best to consult pest control experts to ensure that you're keeping nasty pests away from your home. We provide lasting pest control solutions all over Sydney.

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    Keeping pests at bay is a common issue in residential areas. From cockroaches crawling in the kitchen to rats scurrying in quiet places, it may seem that there is no end to common household pest infestations. At Masters Pest Control Sydney, we're here to tell you that there is a solution. We can assure you that there is a way to keep pests from ever bugging you again.

    With our help, you can learn the most basic rules on all-around pest prevention. You will be amazed by how a few simple preventive measures can keep pests out of your house for good. If you don't want chemicals used around your house, you do not need to fear. Masters Pest Control Sydney is a team of pest control experts who use organic pesticides and natural pest control solutions.

    So you just bought a houseplant that has bugs, and you don't know what to do. What should you do?

    woman bought a new plant that is infested with insects

    Home pest control is difficult with the introduction of additional plants in your garden.

    It’s unfortunate when you find out that the indoor plant you just purchased is infested with bugs. Not only is it possible for these insects to kill your plant, but the insects could also infest your other plants and spread throughout your home.

    What are common pests that infest indoor plants?

    The first thing we must define is what houseplants pests are. They are tiny bugs or mites whose leading food resource is leaves, stems, and roots. There are several types of insects that can sneak into your house and infest indoor plants.

    Some crawl on the leaves while others reside in the soil. Some fly while others do not. Irrespective of their type, these bugs are dangerous and can cause damage to your houseplants. No one would like to see their plants die one by one just because of these annoying bugs.

    Pest control indoor plants

    A plant infested with aphids.

    Some common houseplant insects:

    • Spider mites
    • Mealybugs
    • Aphids
    • Common brown scale
    • Thrips
    • Whitefly
    • Fungus gnats

    How to remove insects from indoor plants

    It is crucial to act fast to avoid insects from spreading to your other plants. Here are some ways you can remove bugs from an infested plant:

    1. Use soap and water. A mixture of dishwashing liquid and tap water can help remove spider mites and aphid infestations. All you need to do is pour 1 quart of water into a spray bottle and then add four teaspoons of soap. Then give each plant a good spray.
    1. Set traps for flying pests. If you are struggling with some flying pests that cannot be caught, use sticky yellow traps. You can set up a trap with sticky yellow paper (or houseplant sticky stake) to capture and kill tiny flying bugs.
    2. Use a soil cover. Remove the top inch of soil and replace it with a fresh soil cover such as fine sand or natural top dressing. Dampen the soil with some organic pesticide for houseplants.

    How do you know if your plant is infested with bugs?

    Sometimes it is hard to spot insects on your plant because of their tiny size. However, there are some signs you can check to know whether your plant could be infested.

    Yellow leaves

    Pests like whiteflies, spider mites, and mealybugs can cause your plant to have yellow leaves. These pests use their sharp mouthparts to pierce the leaves and stems, to suck juices straight from the plant tissue. The leaves will turn yellow and eventually fall off.

    Stunted growth

    Broad mites perfectly exemplify this because of their feeding habits. Their primary food resource is the nutrition in leaves. Every bite contains saliva, which is toxic and fatal to your plants, so when they live here long enough, your plant leaves will deform and stunt.

    What can I do if my entire house becomes infested with bugs?

    If you can’t seem to find a way to stop these pests from pestering your plants, please feel free to contact our team. We’ll do a thorough cleaning and pest control for your house to stop pests once and for all.

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