Sylvania is a suburb lie 22 kilometres South of Sydney’s Central Business District. Sylvania is mostly a residential area, but it became a growing suburb a few recent years. If you want to start your new journey in life with your family, Sylvania is an ideal place with lots of good schools and kids friendly facilities around. The beach is only 10 minutes away from Cronulla Beach, making it a favourite spot for families and friends to gather on the weekend. Not the most bustling or interesting place in Sydney but Sylvania is a paradise for family-oriented businesses with golden location both near the water, the Sydney Airport and the modern CBD.

Sylvania has two major Westfields shopping centres nearby. The Southgate Shopping Center is the biggest local shopping within Sylvania that contains supermarkets Coles and Woolworths, 24 hour Kmart, AMF Bowling, a gymnasium, a post office, many restaurants, shops, and everything you could need. Sylvania is the best for residential uses with various facilities such as churches, schools, parks, transports, shops, cafes, bakers. From Sylvania, you can easily move to Blakehurst through Tom Uglys Bridge or the Princes Highway. Sylvania also has multiple apartment complexes along the small street that are not always suitable for all people. People fit Sylvania lifestyle are someone who loves nature, outdoor activities and raising a family instead of partying.

Pest Control Service in Sylvania

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