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    Ensuring the highest standards of food hygiene is the number one priority for any Sydney Restaurant. We specialise in HACCP certified food preparation areas, for Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Fast Casual, Family Style Types Of Restaurants, Fast Food, Food trucks, Cart and cafes. Whether customers are fine dining or fast food eating, patrons expect only the highest level of pest-free food preparation and zero tolerance for contaminants.

    In Australia, the ‘Food Standards Australia and New Zealand’ (FSANZ) are the regulatory authority reasonable for ‘Food Safety Standards.’ The FSANZ sets guidelines around the health and hygiene obligations that you as a Sydney Restaurant owner must abide by. A reliable pest control service is a crucial part of maintaining any business.

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    Effective Restaurant Pest Management

    Common pests can be managed daily by following this routine. Ensure waiters, patrons, or guests clean up after every meal. Food scraps are quickly discarded into a sealed rubbish bin. Cooking pots, pans, cutlery and plates are thoroughly cleaned and dried. Leftover food scraps are tightly sealed in rubbish bags before adding them to the bin. Any food scraps on benches, cupboards or floors are cleaned immediately. Food storage is in airtight containers with tight-fitting lids.

    • Exclusion – Used to seal possible pest entry points.
    • Fly control – flies are one of the filthiest pests that you may see at a restaurant. They can carry more than a half-billion microorganisms and can contaminate food.
    • Bird control – birds, can cause property and ventilation damage. They may also spread diseases that can infect your staff or customers.

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    Pest Control Restaurants

    Restaurant Pest Control Service - Anywhere in Sydney

    We abide by strict industry standards and are fully trained and equipped to provide the latest pest control methods for the food industry.

    Restaurant pest control includes:

    Building and pest inspection, analysis and tailored treatment selection, safe and cost-effective pest control for your restaurant and preventive pest management and monitoring.

    Restaurant pest control Sydney

    Rodent, flies and cockroaches are common inside restaurants.

    Three of the dirtiest pests and most common offenders are rodents, cockroaches, and flies.


    As a key player in the urban pest category, rodents such as rats and mice are among the most common pests found infesting restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens, and other foodservice businesses. These adaptive creatures are attracted by strong, frequent food supplies and do not venture far from their nesting sites to feeding. So, as you can guess, restaurants make the perfect place for them to inhabit. Rats and mice can rapidly increase in population given an abundant food supply due to the number of litter they can produce and the time to maturity.

    They cause damage to both buildings’ fixtures and electrical equipment due to their nesting, burrow and gnawing habits. They can also cause loss of stock by eating food items and damaging food containers and packaging. They have also been known to spread various diseases, such as Salmonellosis, which can contaminate food items and equipment through their urine and droppings.


    Cockroaches cause particular problems because of their size, giving them the ability to hide in small places, their varied diet, rapid reproduction, and the diseases they can carry. Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal, sheltering in the daytime and coming out at night to find food and other sites for shelter. They shelter in dark places such as cracks, crevices, drains, sewers, inside equipment and furnishings, and hidden spaces that provide the right temperature and humidity. These places are also hard to reach using normal cleaning and sanitation methods. They pose a risk to food safety. They are known to carry many disease-causing bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli, which can easily contaminate food items, packaging, machinery and cooking utensils through their urine, droppings, and saliva.


    As I’m sure you’re aware, flies are another issue for restaurants. Several flies are attracted to food odours generated by commercial kitchens, such as fruit flies, drain flies, and house flies. Different species of flies are attracted to different food products; however, they all pose the same risk to food safety, and other legislations restaurants must adhere to. They are known to transmit over 200 different pathogens, which, as you’ve probably guessed, can lead to the contamination of food items, machinery, and cooking utensils, posing a risk to both staff and customer health.

    Why do restaurants have pests?

    • Food storage and serving facilities, like restaurants, can indicate signs of much bigger problems, as follows:
    • Bacteria and sanitation issues where the food is kept, cooked, or served.
    • Poor hygiene among restaurant staff and potential food safety problems.
    • Structural issues with the building, such as cracking or missing insulation that lets pests enter the space.

    Some practical restaurant pest control actions to keep in mind

    There are practical restaurant pest control actions that your management and staff can take to drastically reduce the likelihood that pests will be attracted to your restaurant. Here are five of the many actions that you can easily implement:

    1. Close doors when not in use and install door sweeps on exterior doors.
    2. Caulk and seal cracks, crevices, or other openings.
    3. Regularly clean and service drains.
    4. Install dishwasher splash guards to keep walls from becoming saturated with moisture.
    5. Practice first-in, first-out rotation. Product stuffed onto the back of shelves that don’t move out for long periods of time is subject to unnoticed pest infestation. By using the oldest product first, staff members can ensure that pests don’t have a chance to gain a foothold.

    Why is pest control important in any restaurant?

    If you see any of these pests in your restaurant, it's also a good idea to have a contracted restaurant pest control partner to help you stay one step ahead of pest activity with a customized plan. Many commercial pest control companies have extensive experience in delivering effective restaurant and foodservice businesses pest control. In addition to treating your pest problems, which will help you meet health code requirements regarding restaurant pest control, trained professionals can also offer you and your staff tips for helping avoid and eliminate conditions that may attract pests.

    Sydney Commercial Pest Control

    Common Pests in Restaurants

    Here is some top pest you should be looking out for:

    1. Cockroaches – professional treatment is the most effective way. Some products like a fogger that releases a mist of pesticide into the air, gel baits, boric acid and cockroach traps will do the job.
    2. Flies – most commonly used techniques are professional fly control treatment, baits, dusting powders, sprays, fogs, aerosol mists and electronic fly killers. 
    3. Rats and mice – are some of the most adaptable creatures on the Earth and can be extremely difficult to exterminate. The most effective method for it is keeping your business place clean. You can make your business rodent-proofed by finding and sealing as many possible entry points.
    4. Ants – remove and minimize moisture because ants need moisture to survive and also clean property clean. By sealing all the cracks and holes on your property, you will stop them from getting inside.

    Eco-Friendly Commercial Pest Control Services

    Choose a pest control company that specialises in natural pest control and child-friendly pest control solutions. We know how important it is to maintain the safety of your employees and customers.

    Check out our professional commercial pest control services:

    Get pest control help for your food business.

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    Restaurant Pest control is what we do best. We are professionally trained, insured and licensed in all areas of residential and commercial pest control. In addition, we provide eco-friendly pest control options that are child & pet friendly. If you still struggle with pest issues or want a complete pest solution that protects your commercial property from harmful effects, talk to our team today!